Tips for Hiring the Best BBQ Caterer

There are few things in life as comforting as the warm smell of BBQ. In fact, within the past year over 66 million individuals have enjoyed the sweet smell and decadent flavor of BBQ. Regardless of the holiday or celebration, BBQ is among the most popular catering option. However, selecting the best BBQ caterer is a challenge for many. With hundreds of options, deciding on the ideal caterer is no simple feat. Whether an event needs to feed 50 or 500, the following tips streamline the selection process.

The most important element for bbq catering is planning early. Of course, last minute events occur, it’s best to plan at least four to six weeks in advance. As a general rule of thumb, add one week of preparation for every 50 guests. Therefore, if an event features 250 guests, start planning five weeks in advance. However, the earlier a caterer may be booked, the better. For large events, such as weddings or graduations, three to six months may be the ideal time frame. The popularity of a BBQ caterer also determines when planning should take place. A relatively unknown bbq catering service may be more open to last minute events than a large, well-known caterer, such as EZBBQ.


Once a BBQ caterer has been chosen, the fun may begin. Most catering services offer a pre-set menu. For example, ezbbq offers a myriad of packages, such as DIY BBQ kits or fully cooked offerings. Regardless, it’s essential to carefully review menu offerings. In the realm of BBQ, guests won’t expect “fine dining.” Rather, they’ll expect true comfort food. Although BBQ isn’t the most expensive, go with a caterer that specializes inĀ bbq singapore prices. This provides a significant portion of food at a fraction of the cost. Discuss how the caterer obtains their food. If not bought from wholesale providers, ask whether this is an option. Consider purchasing the food from wholesale outlets. Then, deliver food items to the caterer for preparation. Keep in mind, this isn’t always an option.

After menu options are solidified, begin discussing presentation. Generally, for 50 guests or less, a single buffet table is sufficient. However, for each additional 50 guests, consider adding additional buffet tables. Of course, a catering service may offer table service. This resembles a restaurant theme. Guests enjoy comfort while meals are served via service staff. While “fancy,” this is often far more expensive than standard buffet tables. Because BBQ is considered a relaxed meal, sophisticated table service may seem odd. However, the final decision should be based upon a desired theme.